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Because of their single-minded willingness Why are us marines called jarheads put their duty before themselves, Marines are said to have jarheads It is a good thing there are such men.

Running up a hill to take a machine gun nest is not something that most people would do, but a jarhead will do it everytime he is ordered. Jar Why are us marines called jarheads unknown. Navy, etc. All this may be, and may well have become later additions to these stories, we don't know for sure with absolute accuracy how these things really come to be. So there is always some room for question, doubt, and opinions contrary to the prevailing explanations.

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When I was a brand new, young PFC infirst reporting to Marine Barracks, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California no zip code after graduating boot camp, yes, that's how my orders were worded I was soon to learn of a different origin for the term Jarhead. On one or two occasions I was overheard Why are us marines called jarheads Marine Corps lore with other boots, and corrected by one or more of the old salts.

In particular, I was told that the term Jarhead originated in the Corps back in the days when mules were still used. As anyone who has ever watched an old western movie knows, mules were often referred to as Jughead.


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Over time, certain stubborn or hard to deal with Marines were also called Jarheads. This one was posted to one of the GyG messageboards, and at least it does provide a reference Why are us marines called jarheads its remarks. Strong, hearty, and persevering, the mule is truly an appropriate symbol for the Corps of Cadets. Jarhead and jughead eventually merged to become slang synonyms for marine. Marines during World War I. In the summer of the German Army was driving toward Paris.

The French Army was in full retreat.

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In a desperate effort to save Paris, the newly arrived U. Marines were thrown into the breach.

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In Junein bitter fighting lasting for weeks, Marines repeatedly repulsed the Germans in Belleau Wood. The German drive toward Paris sputtered, fizzled, and died. Then the Marines attacked and swept the Germans back out of Belleau Wood. But for me, admitting I'm wrong is not all Why are us marines called jarheads common, and that post seemed pretty good. I was never calling him a liar about his military service, he simply had never said he was in the Army.

Also, I admit that the "let you sit here today" thing was cliche. And if pinqy's response was not directed at the Marines themselves but at the cliche-ness of that comment, then I'd have to apologize for criticizing them too, and chalk it up to misunderstanding. And even if it was cliche, Why are us marines called jarheads we had lost WWII things would be very different today.

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No, we wouldn't be speaking Japanese, but everyone might not have a computer either. Life very probably wouldn't be the same.

Also I never said the Gulf War "didn't count. Just a look at the casualties and you get that.

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And come on, it's not like I'm the first one Why are us marines called jarheads make the "daddy got him into the National Guard" joke.

Not to mention that I already admitted I was wrong to make that comment in the first place. The point is, I already apologized for being hasty in my commments. I already said that if pinqy was in the Army my post criticizing his joke was silly. Before, yes, after, no.

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And as you said, the point had already been made quite well by others, and I had already seen the proverbial error in my ways, thank you very much. My original post was based on the now-obviously erroneous assumption that pinqy was a non-military person insulting the military in general and more importantly its members specifically, probably because he was Why are us marines called jarheads the current war in Iraq.

I've run into that a lot lately, and I'm Why are us marines called jarheads of it. And if it were the case, I would feel quite justified in the comments I made.

Obviously that is not the case, and I feel silly for making the original post. I've already acknowledged my errors, sorry if I didn't do Why are us marines called jarheads "I'm sorry" apology outright, admitting I'm wrong is my way of doing that, especially in a forum. Pointing out things I've already apologized for almost an hour after I have done so is silly and unnecessary. I suppose it's possible you missed that part of my previous posts, or misinterpreted my intended tone.

That can happen in type, and I'm sometimes not as clear as I think I'm being. But read it again and you'll see, I think. So, to clarify and avoid any further confusion, in conclusion to this rewriting of War and Peace there's a joke in there somewhereI was wrong or at least silly to criticizing pinqy's joke as well as the National Guard. Hope that clears things up, and I certainly never meant any personal insult. Maryland Registered: La buena dieta would love to know how I could have possibly misinterpreted your tone.


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And since you admit that you didn't apologize outright. So how you expected me to take what you Why are us marines called jarheads any differently is beyond me. As to not being on this board for very long I appreciate that you apologized, but I hope you realize why many of us reacted the way we did.

And I hope you can see why, without you actually apologizing, I wouldn't assume that's what you were doing. As we get older, that changes. For a lot of people, admitting we are wrong is apologyzing in a situation like this.

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I admitted my criticism of his joke was silly I can't really see how something like that could be morally "wrong," but it was a silly thing to say and also said my comments about the National Guard were "out of line.

Like I said, it was kind of a gut reaction when I responded so quickly, because I've heard similar derisions of military men man by ignorant people living in the US who have never served themselves. These people ignorantly misplace their bad feelings about the Iraqi War in general on the soldiers who actually do the work and have nothing to do with the strategy these people mean Why are us marines called jarheads criticize. Obviously I was Why are us marines called jarheads wrong about that.

I apologized with the "condition" that this was indeed true.


It was a comment made in haste, and one I later admitted was wrong. What more do you want me to do?

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Quick Reply. Printer-friendly view of this topic. Several books and movies have been released with jarhead in their title, most famously the Sam Mendes movie Jarhead starring Jake Gyllenhaal.


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To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

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The film offers terrible insight, like what happens to young men when you make getting a confirmed kill a right of passage, juxtaposed by childish dick jokes about the best way to fight off boredom. Hint, it involves Why are us marines called jarheads. Lots of masturbation. Yes, we counted. Failing to do that, he tries to get the other man to kill him instead. Gyllenhaal played the exchange so intensely that he knocked out one of his front teeth when he jammed the rifle barrel into his mouth. According to SFGate, Gyllenhaal insisted on finishing the scene, all while holding the bloody tooth in his hand. Amnda bynes ina bikini Called jarheads Why us are marines.

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